The medical industry segments into  insurance, healthcare, and research industry. The industry itself is extremely localized, meaning that it is difficult to replicate a service or utilize an intellectual property from a particular country to elsewhere.

LC+ is a project to interconnect the world with one of the world’s leaders in the medical industry, South Korea.


LC+ is an ERC20 blockchain running on the Ethereum mainnet.


The medical industry is now one of the growing sectors in the blockchain market. Although its market sector’s dominance is yet to take a full percent, there is a
lot of potential for the medical blockchain projects.


The industry has been in need for smarter data management, supply chain management, and patient management. Blockchain technology can solve all of the needs that the industry has been long needing. For instance, smart contracts to the blockchain platform can allow for different institutions to interconnect between themselves and the patients. LC+ intends to serve as the project to fulfill all the necessary industrial needs.

Most medical blockchain projects solely focus on a single aspect of the blockchain technology: privatized access and share of the distributed ledger. Only few projects have a working payment system or a platform to host different medical applications . Most projects usually partner with hospitals, but do not have their own infrastructure to implement day-to-day use of the technology and the cryptocurrency,

LC+ project is extremely different because the technological services are based on the healthcare services of KMP (Korea Medical Park), and our affiliates. 

Additionally, our affiliate, LCG Medical Research Institute, is another key advantage the project has compared to other medical blockchain projects. Our own medical research institute not only has patents to unprecedented technology but also plans to globalize the use of these technologies through the blockchain platform.

LC+ is a virtual currency issued by Hong Kong Global Convergence Marketing Company. It is possible to acquire in the way of purchase or mining, or exchange of membership or gift certificates for equal value product or service. The place of issue, GCM expects to expand and become more common in Korea or around the world over time. And starting from 2019, the company will expand the use of LC+ in foreign hospitals and commercial facilities outside of Korea. ​

LC+ has the momentum of capital and technology boost with the principle of “reviving life” beyond crossing the border based on real service transactions such as the best medical service. This is the emergence of a new real value-based virtual currency and a new horizon for the utilization of virtual currency. 

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2019​ 1 ~ 2Q


2019 3Q

2019​ 4Q

2020 1Q


KMP (Korea Medical Park)

Located on the 10th floor of Korea’s landmark building, KMP has the best facilities as a premium healthcare clinic in South Korea.

KMP has two main missions as a healthcare clinic. Firstly, to provide the best medical services to PREDICT and PREVENT diseases. Secondly, to grow as Korea’s largest membership-based premium healthcare clinic. In the next few years, KMP will expand globally.

With the best affiliates in South Korea, all members of the KMP premium membership can enjoy exclusive benefits including but not limited to: specialized medical care program, travel discounts, and shopping discounts.

Later, people can purchase the membership using LC+ Digital Payment System.


The Team

Young Yong Yun


LC+ Founder Yun Young Yun had extensive experience as a planning director and script writer. Not only did he direct an award-winning KBS TV Show, but also served as the Daejeon Expo initial director. After serving as Information Communication Department’s script writer, he served as Digital Media City’s DMC World Manager. Before he worked at KMP, Yun worked at the Korean government as the ICT National IR Planning Director. Since 2017, Yun has been the Corporate Affairs and Marketing Director at KMP(Korea Medical Park, a global medical clinic located at the 10th and 11th floor of Lotte Tower). From 2018, Yun also focused on integrating KMP and blockchain technology by establishing GCM HK, inc.